Two Easton men who police say are responsible for the Jan. 9 execution-style shooting of Terell Hasan Henderson-Littles are in custody.

Mirad “Rad” Shabazz, also known as Mirad Akeem Acey, 20, of 1427 Washington St., Easton, and Jason “Spazza” C. Gardner Hazzard, 19, of 1125 Ferry St., Easton, have been charged with criminal homicide. According to police, they were identified by an eyewitness to the shooting.

Police said Henderson-Littles, 21, contacted the witness – whose identity police have asked not be made public until after the preliminary hearing – on Jan. 9, asking for a ride to the intersection of Susquehanna and West Fourth streets. Henderson-Littles allegedly wanted to meet with two men who were interested in purchasing marijuana from him.

Once they arrived at the meeting point, the witness watched Henderson-Littles make a cellphone call and soon after saw two men walking toward Henderson-Littles.

Henderson-Littles then asked the witness to drive around the block, according to police. The witness followed instructions and a short time later he received a call from Henderson-Littles, asking to be picked up.

The witness pulled into a nearby parking lot to wait for Henderson-Littles to conclude his business. According to the witness, there was nothing out of the ordinary; no arguing or fighting was going on between Henderson-Littles and the other two men.

Then, “all at once, one of the black males raised his arm toward Henderson-Littles and (the witness) heard one loud bang … he saw ‘blood in the air’ and watched his friend (Henderson-)Littles fall to the ground,” according to the affidavit.

The witness provided detectives with detailed descriptions and the cellphone number that Littles had dialed to contact the two men, according to police.

The investigation led police to Easton, where they were able to identify the two as Shabazz and Hazzard.

With the help of Detective Matthew Rush, of the Easton Police Department, police were able to trace the identities and location of both suspects.

Officers from the Easton Patrol Division had made contact with Shabazz on Saturday in connection with an unrelated incident. He then was turned over to city police, according to court records.

Members of both city and Easton police departments teamed to locate Hazzard, who was found at a family member’s residence, according to court records. He was taken into custody without incident, according to police.

Both men were transported to Williamsport, where they were arraigned before District Judge Jon E. Kemp early Sunday morning. They are jailed without bail.

Shabazz also was charged with criminal conspiracy, felony aggravated assault, carrying a firearm without a license and possessing an instrument of crime.

Hazzard, 19, of 1125 Ferry St., Easton, also has been charged with criminal conspiracy and felony aggravated assault.