Guilty plea means robber has 1 more strike

A 19-year-old city man who robbed two pizza deliverymen in 2011 will spend up to nine years in state prison.

Dondre T. McMillan, 1063 Park Ave., accepted a plea deal from prosecutors after opening statements were made in his jury trial before Judge Marc Lovecchio on Tuesday.

McMillan pleaded guilty to two counts of robbery, aggressive harassment by a prisoner, terroristic threats, and aggressive assault, an array of charges that will keep him in state prison for at least 4 1/2 years and on probation for 7 more after his jail term ends.

On July 24, 2011, McMillan, with three accomplices, stole about $140 and four large pizzas from an Old School Pizza deliveryman. On Aug. 9 of that year, McMillan and one accomplice robbed a driver from Two Boys of Italy of about $200. One of the robbers tied up the deliveryman and drove his car around before stopping to pick up the dropped pizzas, then fled the car on foot.

Police later found the phone number used to order the pizzas in the Aug. 9 incident was McMillan’s – it was on file with Juvenile Probation.

McMillan was 17 at the time of the robberies, but was arraigned as an adult due to prior contact with the system, said District Attorney Eric Linhardt.

His accomplices were processed through the juvenile system.

More counts accrued against McMillan from the time he entered Lycoming County Prison on Sept. 29, 2011. In October 2011, he threw bodily fluids into the cells of two other inmates. In April 2012, he told the brother of a correctional officer at the prison, “if I seen your brother on the street, I’d shoot him in the face.”

On Nov. 19, McMillan and two other inmates assaulted a fourth inmate at the county prison the ensuing aggravated assault charge was responsible for 2 1/2 to 5 years of his state prison sentence.

“We insisted that (the counts) run consecutively and we insisted that he plead to the most serious offenses because they were (first-class) felonies,” Linhardt said. “They’re considered a first and second strike if at any point in his life he commits another felony it would constitute a third strike, meaning he’d be facing 25 years to life.”