Man searching for work wants more diverse bus schedule

Don Summerson, 59, of Linden, is able and willing to go to work but said he needs to get there by using public transportation. However, the bus schedule is not always suitable to work requirements of some businesses.

“I have to pick up the bus service, which kind of makes it a hinderance to find a job schedule that fits in with the bus schedule,” Summerson said, while reading the Sun-Gazette and waiting for a bus to arrive at the Trade and Transit Centre on Pine Street.

“I’d like to see a more diverse bus schedule for people who live outside the city limits that would provide possibilities of making it to work,” he said.

When asked to explain himself, Summerson said he is looking for buses to pick up people very early in the morning and drop them off late at night.

“A lot of jobs make you work 10 or 12 hours, so I’d like to see bus service extended much later into the evening hours,” he said.

He added the job search hasn’t been easy, and he’s settled for part-time positions gained by applying with temporary employment services.

He wants to use his skills in electronics.

“I have experience in satellite television installation, sales and service,” he said.

What work he has secured has been mostly related to labor at industrial plants.

“Even that has slowed down,” he said. “I am looking for whatever is available, part-time or full-time.”

Summerson said he has used CareerLink, a service that connects people with jobs, and notices whenever he goes, the employment service remains packed with job applicants.