Montgomery board hopes for no tax hike

MONTGOMERY – The Montgomery Area School Board does not anticipate the need to raise taxes to create a balanced budget for the 2013-14 school year.

During its monthly meeting, members adopted a tax resolution they hope will not require raising real estate taxes.

Superintendent Daphne Ross said the majority of the board does not see a need to raise real estate taxes in the coming school year.

“We’re working on moving forward with the budget,” she added.

In other business, Abigail Saul, an English teacher, discussed the ways her classroom has changed since the adoption of the district’s TEE Initiative which, in part, provided an iPad to each student and laptop to each instructor.

Saul said that she has seen excellent success with her sophomore students, in particular.

“They seem to have been the fastest to adapt to the new technology,” she said.

According to Saul, the tablets have allowed her to have a continual one-to-one conversation with each student.

She is able to make comments directly upon their assignments, which the students can save and refer to later.