Victims of fire lose everything

Investigators still are uncertain what sparked the Friday afternoon fire that destroyed a two-apartment building on Charles Street, but one thing is certain – the three residents lost almost all of their belongings, along with their homes.

Bob Davies lived on the first floor and Serena Culp and Tyler Mausteller on the second.

“All three of them lost absolutely everything,” said Linda Yarris, Mausteller’s mother.

Mausteller, a student at Pennsylvania College of Technology, resumed school this week following the semester break.

“He has nothing to go back to class with. His books are all burned up. Even his car keys melted,” Yarris said.

“The only thing he was able to save was his dog, and he carried it out with him,” she added.

Investigators continue to sort through evidence and determine what started the fire.

“The investigation will probably be finished over the next couple of days,” said Chief Dean C. Heinbach, of the Williamsport Bureau of Fire.

The fire caused about $70,000 worth of damage, which includes the worth of both the building and property inside, according to authorities.

Those who wish to donate to Culp or Mausteller may do so at Woodland Bank on East Third Street. Information on Davies is unavailable at this time.