Woodward Township supervisors: Mailboxes too close to roads, interfere with plows

LINDEN – Mailbox regulations and planning commission vacancies were the hot topics discussed at the Woodward Township supervisors meeting Wednesday evening.

Supervisor Wayne Robinson expressed concern regarding how far mailboxes extend into the street.

“Right now they stick so far out that it’s difficult to plow,” Robinson said. “We need to figure out how to take care of this. I don’t know if it’s a resolution we can make or if it has to be done through the postal service, but we need to do something.”

First Street, in particular, is difficult to navigate with a plow, according to Robinson, because of the mailboxes.

“Right now there are mailboxes right out on the edge of the roadway,” Robinson said.

“I know that the mail carriers have to be able to reach them, but we also need to be able to plow when it snows. There has to be a happy medium,” he added.

Marc Drier, township solicitor, recommended that more research be done before proceeding.

“I’m not sure, right off the top of my head, what the best course of action is. However, I can certainly find out,” Drier said.

For several months, supervisors have discussed the possibility of decreasing the size of the planning commission from seven to five seats.

However, in the last month, two residents have expressed an interest in joining the commission, according to Gary Knarr, zoning officer.

“Cliff Mahaffey and Carla Mitcheltree have both contacted me about joining,” Knarr said.

He stated that Mahaffey already has filed a letter of intent, and Mitcheltree was expected to do the same in the next few days.

“With both of them, we will be back up to our full seven members,” Knarr said.

Mahaffey will replace Dan Ogden, who is expected to file a letter of resignation some time this week, according to Knarr.