January inmate population stays in county

Lycoming County kept all its inmates at home during January.

Prison Warden Kevin DeParlos reported Friday that the county has not housed an inmate in other county jails since Dec. 20, save one prisoner kept away “for security reasons.”

Between the county prison and the Pre-Release Center, daily inmate population averaged 362 last month, and 11 men and five women were monitored with global positioning system technology.

President Judge Nancy Butts said that the county is applying to receive two years’ funding from the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency for start-up costs associated with a potential probation day reporting center.

BI Inc., a Colorado-based company that specializes in incarceration alternatives, will present information about its services and the county’s day reporting center options on Feb. 15.

A new medical assistance pilot program that releases inmates from incarceration directly into treatment is under way, according to Butts.

The first inmate will be released to medical care on Monday under the program, which is sponsored jointly with the West Branch Drug and Alcohol Commission and funded by state and federal matching monies. It’s the second-such program in the state.

“We’re making sure the paperwork is done and ready,” Butts said. “Then when a bed opens up at the facility we can make that transfer … it’s a way to reduce the prison population that much more quickly.”