Muncy allocates fees, looks at corridor plan

MUNCY – Muncy Borough Council members allocated $90,000 into their emergency and equipment funds and appointed a new crossing guard at their Tuesday night meeting.

Recently, the borough received a $90,000 payment from the municipal authority in return for a bill stemming from 2011. Originally, the finance committee had recommended that the money be split into two parts, with $60,000 being placed into the equipment fund and $30,000 being placed into the borough’s emergency fund.

According to council, the money in the equipment fund hopefully will purchase a new salt truck in the near-future. The money placed into the emergency fund eventually may be used to partially fund an engineering study that will examine the toll that gas industry trucks have taken on Route 405, particularly focusing on the intersection of Main and Water streets.

Mayor Edward Danneman recommended that council reconsider how the money be split.

“If there’s a real emergency, I’m concerned that $35,000 isn’t going to cut it. I would sure like to see that money in the emergency fund be closer to $50,000,” Danneman said.

Money from the emergency fund may be allocated by council as needed. It could include the purchase of the salt truck, if necessary, according to Matilda Noviello.

“My only worry is that because that fund is so flexible, that money may not be there when we really need that salt truck,” said Council President Richard Baker.

On 6-1 vote, council ultimately decided to split the money equally between the two accounts. Baker was the only “no” vote on the motion.

Also addressed at the meting was the replacement for crossing guard Tina Harman, who will leave her position on Friday. Council unanimously voted to install Robert Mauck as her replacement.