Police: Man denied gun permit threatens bombing of building

A local man raised authorities’ suspicions after he allegedly threatened to blow up the Lycoming County Sheriff’s office. When police executed a search warrant on his home, they found the man to be illegally in possession of multiple firearms, according to authorities.

Mark C. Fay, 46, of 510 Southmont Ave., South Williamsport, faces eight counts of illegally possessing a collection of firearms, including one gas-powered “riot gun,” which exclusively is sold to law enforcement officers.

On Feb. 4, Fay applied for a concealed weapons permit at the Lycoming County Sheriff’s Office. Fay was denied the permit due to a protection order issued against him on July 2012 in the state of Maryland. The order specifically stated the Fay was not to own or purchase firearms.

According to authorities, Fay became extremely agitated when his application was denied. Multiple witnesses allegedly heard him state, “yeah, I was denied. Fine, I’ll just blow this… (up),” records state.

On Feb. 13, Fay’s girlfriend, Lisa Hoffman, told authorities that Fay had been sending her text messages in which he threatened to harm himself. According to court records, Hoffman showed authorities a picture Fay had sent her on her phone, in which he posed with the barrel of a handgun to his head.

Hoffman told police that Fay owned multiple firearms, and was possibly creating explosive devices in this basement workshop, according to records.

Hoffman believed Fay had ordered “some sort of kit online for manufacturing explosive devices” as well as a substance which she believed to be gunpowder.

Fay had allegedly told Hoffman that he had made an explosive device recently and had “nearly blown himself up detonating it at a camp ground, because he made it wrong,” according to the affidavit.

On Feb. 14, authorities executed a search warrant at Fay’s home. There, they found a Remington 572 .22LR, a .37mm gas or “riot” gun, an AR-15 9mm. attached to a tactical scope, a 325 rifle with banner scope, a .22 caliber rifle, two .38 mm handguns, numerous boxes of ammunition and three homemade plastic canister projectiles which had been created for the riot gun, records state.

Authorities did not find any contraband material in Fay’s basement, according to Lycoming County District Attorney Eric R. Linhardt.

“Right now he has only been charged with illegally possessing firearms, which stems from the protection from abuse order coming out of Maryland. However, this case is still under investigation,” Linhardt said.

Fay was arraigned before District Judge Jerry C. Lepley on Feb. 14. He is incarcerated in lieu of $100,000 bail.