Signals, lane improvements coming

PENNSDALE – Three Muncy Township supervisors Wednesday gave approval for the state Department of Transportation to begin safety improvements along the Route 220 corridor.

The state wants to switch traffic signal loops to a camera system that has the latest technology to improve safety and reduce congestion, according to Paul O. Wentzler, supervisor and chairman.

“Also, on the westbound on-ramp to Interstate 180, the state wants to put a third signal and turning lane,” he said.

Wentzler and supervisors Tom Schaech and Gregory Gilbert agreed to send PennDOT a letter showing their positive recommendation about the lane and traffic signal changes.

They will send a response to a request for a more formal document to get the process started after receiving a letter notifying them of PennDOT’s intention.

The township continues to experience increased truck traffic due to the heavy presence of Marcellus Shale businesses and residential growth in the eastern part of the county.

Natural gas impact fees are being sought by the fire department for upgrades to the fire alarm and security at the fire house.

The township remains an evacuation point should there be any accidents or mishaps on the roads or interstate regarding hazardous-materials spills or issues related to trucks or tanker trucks, according to fire Chief Corey Palmatier.

The department has had its trouble with fire alarms in the past on site. The department had a malfunctioning fire alarm that since has been repaired, Palmatier said.

Solictor Garth Everett said Palmatier should review information available online about Act 13 and its uses to see if it can fit into those categories for the department.