Williamsport man concerned about wholesome foods

Frisco Cruise, 24, of Williamsport, is concerned that people are so removed from their primary food sources that it’s become more difficult for them to obtain “real” food. He wonders why more mainstream grocery stores don’t offer raw milk as an option.

He began dwelling on the topic after his girlfriend bought a gallon of 2-percent milk.

“I usually don’t drink milk, but it was in my ‘fridge and it looked good, so I poured myself a glass,” Cruise said.

However, he found the lower-fat option was not to his liking.

“I tried her milk and then I remembered why I don’t drink milk; it’s pretty bad,” Cruise said.

After he began studying massage therapy, Cruise became concerned he wasn’t getting enough calcium in his diet. He decided to try whole milk and was surprised by the difference in taste.

“Whole milk actually tastes like milk. The nutrients are intact,” Cruise said.

His explorations have led him to become curious about other kinds of healthy eating, specifically raw milk, which has not been pasteurized or homogenized.

While some local health food stores offer raw milk, Cruise wonders why average grocery stores don’t do the same.

“It’s frustrating because it’s an extra step in my day to acquire wholesome food. It’s ridiculous that we have to make nutritional food a priority because we’re surrounded by fake, processed junk,” Cruise said.

“We have so much food in this country, most people are overweight. But those same people are starving to death because our food has no nutritional value,” he added.

Most grocery stores shy away from stocking raw milk due to its lack of preservatives and possible health risks. But Cruise thinks shoppers should be able to choose the nutritional value of their milk.

“I mean, I’m an adult. I’m an intelligent buyer. I think as long as the raw milk is clearly labeled ‘not homogenized or pasteurized,’ it shouldn’t be an issue to have mainstream stores offer it on their shelves,” he said.