Feds to reimburse city police for record checks

For more than two decades, federal officials with Office of Personnel Management seeking security clearances for prospective U.S. government workers at City Hall have had city police records management staff conduct searches, which take time and pull the employees away from their responsibilities to the city.

Now, because of an astute investigation by a police agent and police Capt. Timothy Miller, the city can recuperate revenue due from the agency for the security clearance searches. The revenue is estimated at $6,000 annually.

The federal agency will begin to be assessed a fee of $15 per search whenever its employees arrive at city police records office and request criminal background checks for individuals seeking security clearances with the federal government, Miller told City Council Thursday night.

“For the last 25 years the city could have recuperated costs (associated with these searches),” Miller said. While the agency has not agreed to do so from a retroactive perspective, it will do so in the future, according to Miller.

City staff report having to take up to 20 minutes or longer to do the searches.

Surprisingly, the federal government already may have such information available in its data base, according to city Councilman Jonathan Williamson.

Action taken by council was to approve a resolution agreement with the Office of Personnel Management.