Krauser hit with ashtray and stabbed with sword, according to authorities

JERSEY SHORE – New details have come to light in connection with a bizarre homicide case here. On March 7, authorities discovered human remains in the basement of Glenn Alan Jackson’s home. Tuesday, homicide charges were filed against Jackson and authorities have released new details which paint a picture of what may have taken place inside 317 S. Lincoln Ave. on the night of Feb. 11.

According to Lycoming County District Attorney Eric Linhardt, Jackson and victim Michael Krauser were drinking together that evening. At some point in the night, an argument between the two men turned physical.

An ashtray stand, covered in blood, was removed from a shed at the Love Center, a local shelter, according to court records. The ashtray stand and a sword, recovered from Jackson’s home, are believed to have been the two weapons used in the alleged murder of Krauser, who was reported missing from his Jersey Shore residence on Feb. 17, according to court records.

The findings are consistent with evidence uncovered during an autopsy of the remains, which was held Monday. R. S. Roney, a forensic pathologist from Allentown, was able to positively identify Krauser based on tattoos and photographs. He determined the cause of death to be homicide by blunt- and sharp-force trauma to the neck and head.

Records state that Krauser’s cartoid artery had been severed, which would have caused severe bleeding. He also had sustained a head injury that would have knocked him unconscious, according to the affidavit.

Linhardt confirmed Tuesday that Krauser’s body was removed from the home “fully intact.” He has not yet decided whether to seek the death penalty for Jackson.

Carolyn Krauser, estranged wife of Michael Krauser, was the first to raise the alarm. On Feb. 17, she contacted Tiadaghton Valley Regional Police to request a welfare check on her husband. She had not heard from Krauser in several days, which was “outside the norm” according to authorities.

Officers searched Jackson’s home, as well as the prison and area hospitals, but found no signs of Krauser.

On March 6, authorities contacted a neighbor and friend of Jackson who had intimate details of the alleged crime. However, authorities have asked the press not to release the names of the witnesses at this time.

“Perhaps we will be ready to release that information after the preliminary hearing, but we’ll have to wait and see,” Linhardt said late Tuesday.

A witness informed authorities that Jackson allegedly hit Krauser in the head with an ashtray, which caused him to fall unconscious, according to thee affidavit. The witness further described how Jackson, “in a rage” stabbed Krauser three times with a sword, killing him. He then described burying and reburying the body in the crawl space beneath his home, according to court records.

The witness told authorities that Jackson had planned to use cleaning and deodorizing products, such a lime, to mask the odor of the decaying body, records state.

According to police, Jackson obtained several books from either the Jersey Shore Library or the Love Center Shelter, which concerned decomposing bodies. One book, which Jackson specifically mentioned to the witness, was titled “The Stiff” according to court records.

Jackson contacted the witness again on March 6. This time, he asked the person to take some jewelry and the deed to his home, and mail them to his sister. According to court records, Jackson told the witness that police would be coming for him soon.

Police were informed that Jackson may have given a piece of evidence to another friend to be destroyed, records state.

From March 7 to 11, authorities executed three search warrants at Jackson’s home. A police dog led authorities to Jackson’s basement, where human remains were wrapped in plastic and buried under the dirt in the crawl space, according to court records.

Police discovered a yellow wallet in the pocket of the deceased, which contained Krauser’s driver’s license, records state.

In the affidavit, authorities noted that Jackson’s home was extremely dirty, covered in debris and dog feces. However, the dining room recently had been meticulously cleaned. Authorities mentioned that the wooden floor appeared to have been scrubbed and mopped with several types of cleaning products. In the affidavit, authorities state that the room appeared to have been meticulously cleaned in an attempt to destroy evidence.

When Jackson was taken into custody, authorities found a receipt for a 48 ounce container of pine powder in his pocket, according to the affidavit.

During the search, authorities allegedly found two swords, a wet mop and bucket filled with water, an electric floor scrubber, several shovels, cleaning agents including bleach, pickling lime, floor cleaner and pine powder, large plastic bats, yellow nylon rope and dog food bags.

Authorities spoke with a volunteer at the Love Shelter on March 7. The man led police to the shelter’s shed. There, authorities discovered a metal ashtray stand with a blood-covered base, which had been wrapped in dog food bags and clear plastic, then tied with yellow nylon rope, which matched the rope from Jackson’s basement, according to court records.