No showstopper

Winter Storm Saturn doesn’t look like it will be worthy of a name, at least around Williamsport.

The latest winter storm to capture broadcasters’ attention nationwide will leave a couple inches of snow on the ground here on Wednesday, at most.

“It’ll have the ground whitened, at least,” said Mike Dangelo, a meteorologist at the National Weather Service’s State College bureau. “We’re still uncertain exactly how much – it could be just a dusting or it could be a couple of inches.”

The brunt of the storm is expected to come across the Ohio Valley into southern Pennsylvania and Maryland, Dangelo said.

The rest of this week should be quiet, even if it won’t feel like spring just yet.

A few flurries are expected today, with a high temperature in the mid-30s.

“We’ll have a fair end to the day (to)day and Tuesday morning with a high pressure system coming in,” Dangelo said. “We’ll have a high temperature around 40 on Tuesday and a little bit more sun, especially in the morning.”

After whatever storm passes by, a temperature around 40 is expected for Thursday.

“It’ll be a little bit warmer Friday, as another high pressure system settles in over us for last part of week,” Dangelo said.

Temperatures on Friday should be in the mid-40s, and the skies should clear for most of Saturday with a high that might push 50 degrees.