Placement of water tower line disputed

Supply lines from a water tower at Grey Fox Plaza in Fairfield Township were incorrectly placed too shallow, which is preventing future development of land in the area, according to owners of the property.

Steven Krause, owner and developer of Grey Fox Plaza off Lycoming Mall Drive, told Lycoming County Water and Sewer Authority board members Wednesday night that the water line needs to be relocated.

He said a second phase of development is being held up while he and the authority decide what to do with the line. Krause said that he’s unhappy that the authority is asking him to pay to fix the problem.

Krause said the water line is placed in such a way to prevent development of an access road on the property.

“My family’s position is that it’s very unfair. Everybody knows that road was going to be there from the beginning,” he said.

He said township supervisors won’t let him proceed with his plans until the situation is fixed. Krause asked the authority for a letter stating it would move the water line and pay for the costs.

Krause’s attorney, Robert Englert, said that Krause and his family are being punished financially because of the alleged error and delay.

“They’re at the point now where they’re losing income, and potentially a tenant,” Englert said.

Grey Fox Plaza already is home to several retail and commercial businesses.

Mary E. Bennardi, authority chairwoman, said the organization would take Krause’s and Englert’s comments under consideration.

An executive session was held after the board meeting, but it was not known if the authority took any action on the situation.