Police investigate 2nd man in connection with alleged homicide

JERSEY SHORE – Yellow nylon rope, found tied around the body of Michael Krauser and around an alleged murder weapon, has led investigators to Glenn Jackson’s possible accomplice.

On Wednesday, District Judge Jon E. Kemp approved a search warrant for state police to collect two swabs of DNA from Michael S. Winchester, an alleged friend of Jackson’s. The samples, taken later that afternoon, will be sent off for analysis, according to authorities.

In the days following Krauser’s death, investigators believe Winchester helped Jackson clean the alleged crime scene and possibly destroy and hide evidence.

Jackson, of 317 S. Lincoln Ave., Jersey Shore, has been in custody since March 7, after police discovered Krauser’s remains buried inside a crawl space in the basement of Jackson’s residence.

Authorities have asked that all witnesses remain nameless until after Jackson’s preliminary hearing.

However, a coroner’s report has helped to shed light on the events of Feb. 11, Krauser’s final day alive. Following an altercation, Krauser was beaten with a heavy object and then stabbed with a sword, records state.

Prior to his arrest, Jackson allegedly told one witness about the fight, the homicide and the process of burying Krauser’s body. Jackson also told the witness that he gave Winchester “evidence” to burn, records state.

Authorities contacted Winchester on March 7 at the Love Center in Jersey Shore. Winchester, a volunteer at the shelter, denied disposing of any evidence. However, he was able to lead authorities to the shelter’s shed, where he knew Jackson allegedly had left an “item.”

In the shed, authorities discovered a metal ashtray stand with a blood-covered base – one of the alleged weapons used to kill Krauser. Records state the stand had been placed into Pedigree and Ever Pet dog food bags, then wrapped in clear plastic and bound with yellow nylon rope.

The rope appears to match rope found wrapped around Krauser’s body, investigators say.

Authorities allegedly traced the rope back to Winchester on March 11. A second witness told police that at some time in early February, she had asked Winchester to take some garbage and a piece of the rope out to her locked shed. Later, she noticed that some of the rope was missing, according to the affidavit.

Winchester was interviewed again on March 13. This time he allegedly told investigators that he had visited Jackson on March 13 and Jackson allegedly told him he had killed Krauser and buried him. Over the next few days, Winchester helped Jackson clean the alleged crime scene and possibly burn a bag of evidence, records state.

Authorities hope to find Winchester’s DNA on the plastic, dog food bags, nylon rope or ashtray stand, records state.

Winchester has not yet been charged.

Jackson, whose preliminary hearing is scheduled for May 2 at the Lycoming County Courthouse in Williamsport, remains incarcerated without bail.