Remains taken from home

JERSEY SHORE – Friday afternoon a team of coroners, forensic investigators, and police removed human remains from the Jersey Shore home of Glenn Jackson.

The South Lincoln Avenue home has been the scene of an intensive investigation, after police dogs led authorities to the remains, which were found buried in a crawl space in the home’s basement.

Jackson was arrested at his home early Thursday morning and remains incarcerated in lieu of $200,000 bail. He faces charges of abusing a corpse and tampering with evidence. However, he may face more serious charges following the coroner’s autopsy report, investigators say.

The autopsy, which may happen as soon as this weekend, has yet to officially be scheduled. However, preliminary findings have supported investigators theory that these remains may belong to Jackson’s associate, Michael Krauser, who has been missing from his Jersey Shore residence since early February.

Krauser was last seen by family and friends on Feb. 11, according to reports. Krauser’s estranged wife, Carolyn J. Krauser, contacted Tiadaghton Valley police on Feb. 17. She had not heard from him in several days, which was out of the ordinary, police said.

Authorities combed the borough searching for Krauser. They checked area hospitals, shelters, and even the prison but to no avail. Krauser seemed to have simply disappeared.

Police received a break when two different witnesses came forward, concerned about Jackson. One reported that he had described burying Krauser’s body in the basement, and then digging it up and burying it deeper after the smell of the rotting corpse became too much to bear.

Another witness came to police at the beginning of March and reported that Jackson was acting unusual. He was described as “paranoid, nervous and apprehensive” in court documents.

The witness also allegedly heard tales from Jackson detailing Krauser’s basement burial, according to court records.

After authorities served a search warrant on Thursday, locals stared on in shock as their quiet neighborhood turned into a crime scene. Police tape marked the perimeter of the yard and fluttered in the icy springtime breeze.

Many of those who live near Jackson’s home were frustrated as authorities blocked off a portion of South Lincoln Avenue, in an attempt to keep all evidence intact.

While some, like neighbor Richard Coleman, recalled the Jackson had problems with drugs and alcohol, others described him as a kind man.

Eleven year old Dilon Krause, of Jersey Shore, has been shocked and terrified by the accusations being pitted against his friend Jackson.

Krause and his mother, Penny Wettlaufer, resided with Jackson several years ago. Both of them remember Jackson as a kind man.

“This just makes me sick to my stomach. Glenn let me and my mom live with him when we had no where else to stay. We lived there almost a year and he was always very nice to us,” Krause said.

“I just can’t believe Glenn would do something like this, he was a kind man,” he added.

Wettlaufer, too, has been following the story with disbelief and confusion.

“This doesn’t seem real to me. I keep thinking this is a dream that I’m going to wake up from,” Wettlaufer said.

She described the accused man as “the nicest person you’d ever want to meet.”

Neighbors gasped as investigators finally removed a filled body bag out of the front door late afternoon on Friday.

“I just don’t know what the truth is right now,” Wettlaufer said.