Sewer system, traffic lights are hot topics

MUNCY – A town hall meeting to discuss the new sewer system and low hanging traffic lights were hot topics of discussion at Muncy Borough Council’s Tuesday night meeting.

Citizens will have an opportunity to ask questions and voice their concerns to members of the West Branch Regional Authority during a town hall meeting that will be hosted by the council at 7 p.m. March 18 at the Muncy High School auditorium. It will be an open forum, according to Borough Manager Bill Ramsey.

“We want people to come out and be able to discuss the new sewer system with members of West Branch,” Ramsey said.

Eric Moore, executive director of the authority, is expected to be on hand to address comments and questions about the expansion of the sewer system and customer rates, among other topics.

While the meeting is being hosted by the council, Ramsey was quick to point out that the authority is a separate entity.

“The council is not in charge of the sewer system. It may be confusing because people can pay their sewer and water bill through us,” Ramsey said.

Police Chief Richard Sutton voiced concerns about the traffic lights on Main and Water streets.

Recently, Sutton applied for a grant that he hoped would limit traffic usage at the busy intersection and clear up congested traffic. However, the grant was denied.

“We were hoping to reconstruct those traffic lights and restrict truck turning at that intersection,” Sutton said.

“My understanding is that those structures that hold up the traffic lights there aren’t strong enough to hold signage, too,” he added.

Sutton urged council to keep an eye on the traffic lights and warned that there may be problems in the future with the lights if action wasn’t taken soon.

“My biggest concern is if a truck were to come through and snag those lights,” Sutton said.