1 files for special school board election

After a court-ordered reapportion of the Jersey Shore Area School Board regions in March, one individual has filed a petition to appear on the ballot of a special election during the May 21 primary for a four-year term on the board at Monday’s extended deadline.

Republican Loren Koch, 718 Middle Road, Jersey Shore, was the lone individual to file a petition for the special election.

Under Lycoming County Judge Dudley N. Anderson’s court order, the board will move from nine board members representing nine separate regions to three regions with three board members each. The decision came after 131 taxpayers signed a petition to redistrict the board’s boundaries to create a “more equal” representation of the population and submitted it to the district in November.

The reapportioned Region 1 now includes the townships of Brown, McHenry, Cummings, Watson, Mifflin, Anthony and Avis Borough, Salladasburg Borough and Pine Creek Ward 1.

Region 2 includes Jersey Shore Borough and Porter Township. The townships of Piatt, Nippenose, Bastress, Limestone and Crawford create Region 3.

This decision also included the extension of the deadline to file petitions to run for office until Monday.

“Under the new three-region plan, Region 2 currently contains four school directors, while Region 3 contains two school directors. As each region must contain three school directors, one school director seat must be moved from Region 2 to Region 3,” Anderson’s order explained.

In order to balance the regions, the seat from Jersey Shore borough Ward 3 was moved to Region 3.

“The elected candidate shall replace the current school director representing Jersey Shore Borough Ward 3 and will serve a four-year term,” the order said.

The special election winner should be seated at the board’s June 10 meeting, if they are sworn in and eligible at that time.