Blossburg cartoonist finishes contest with popular vote victory in 2 rounds

Blossburg cartoonist Lonnie Frost didn’t win The Cartoonist Studio’s fourth annual “So Ya Wanna Be a Cartoonist” contest.

Yet the competition gave him a confidence he didn’t have before: that his work is good enough for syndication.

“Every contestant who made it to the finals can feel confident that their work is ‘syndicatable’ in every way,” Tony Leonardi, Cartoonist Studio manager, told the finalists in an e-mail. “The writing, humor and drawing is all of the highest ‘craft-skill.'”

The 27 cartoonists who make up the Cartoonist Studio selected the work of Tyson Cole as this year’s winner.

Frost did finish first in the popular vote in the last two rounds; he tallied 2,378 votes in Round 10.

“My supporters were absolutely awesome as they battled many technical problems through the 10-week contest, as they voted online,” Frost said. “They stuck with it and helped me into the finals. I am grateful for the large amount of support from my hometown of Blossburg, from residents in Tioga County, Potter County and across the states. I even had one voter from Australia.”

The experience will pay off as Frost continues to make cartoons.

“This contest has given me the experience of dealing with a deadline routine,” he said. “Although I have always enjoyed cartooning I never believed I was good enough to compete. I guess after all the support from fans, friends and strangers, that I have come to the realization that, yes, I am a better cartoonist than I believed. It was great to learn that my work is also good enough to be syndicated.”