Council to contemplate new cruisers

City Council is expected to vote tonight whether to permit the city police administration to pursue the purchase of four new police vehicles.

The cost to the city budget would be $131,000, city Police Chief Gregory A. Foresman said.

Foresman informed the city finance committee Tuesday that the department also needs a fifth cruiser after one was involved in a crash at West Fourth and Walnut streets early Easter morning.

The new cars would have six cylinders and more horsepower than the previous models, Foresman said.

Other issues the council is expected to vote on include a proposed grant between the Williamsport Bureau of Fire and state Emergency Management Agency to buy equipment for the fire department.

Deputy Fire Chief Dave Dymeck is requesting council authorize acceptance of the $13,570 grant to pay for $16,210 worth of equipment purchases, according to the resolution.

The fire department wants to buy a 5-inch supply hose with aluminum couplings that costs $10,570. It also wants to purchase a mount and pole light for $5,640, according to Dymeck.

Council also likely will approve a resolution to honor Dr. James E. Douthat, president of Lycoming College for the past 24 years and the college’s 14th president, who is retiring.

Mayor Gabriel J. Campana will manage the ceremony.