County addresses prison contracts, personnel changes

NELSON – Tioga County Commissioners met in Nelson Township to discuss personnel issues and approve usage of funds.

Concerning the prison system, two new county contracts with The Davison Group were approved.

“The county is required to have these contracts, basically to keep our system in compliance,” Commissioner Mark Hamilton said.

Beginning June 1, The Davison Group will receive $1,500 to provide technical assistance in updating the county’s Criminal Justice Advisory Board’s strategic plan. Funds will be reimbursed by the state Commission on Crime and Delinquency.

The Davison Group also will develop a strategic plan for the re-entry of county inmates into the community. The project should be complete by Oct. 31 and will cost $18,500. Funds will be reimbursed through the Probation Supervision Fund.

Also approved was a real estate tax refund in the amount of $2,504.90 to Benny and Glenda Thompson Jr., of Union Township, and the re-appointment of Robert Basalyga to the Tioga County Housing Authority board of directors, for a one-year term.

Townships and boroughs were reminded that County Aid applications are due June 30.

The next commissioners meeting will be at 10 a.m. May 14 at the Tioga County Courthouse.

The retirement of Linda Stager, assistant administrator for the Department of Human Services, was announced. Commissioner Erick Coolidge expressed gratitude to Stager for her public service.

“Forty years of commitment to the delivery of human services is remarkable,” said Coolidge. “Clearly, Linda has experienced a lot of changes in that time. She has contributed immensely to our benefit.”

Commissioners approved hiring Stephanie Boyce, judicial line staff, Domestic Relations Office; Ruth Hungerford, judicial line staff, Domestic Relations Office; Lynette Lehman, part-time corrections officer, Tioga County Prison; and Jessica Palmer, administrative assistant. They approved transfers for Tiffany Nobels, from the Department of Human Services to Tioga County Prison as a part-time corrections officer, and Kathryn Kriner, from government services intern with Community Services to part-time stand-by child care worker with Residential Services. Tricia Dowling was promoted to full-time youth development counselor with Residential Services.

Also approved were the appointment of Marc Rice as the County Americans with Disabilities Act compliance officer and Paul Shaw, from full-time to part-time as the Veterans’ Affairs Assistant.

Lisa McCall, a part-time corrections officer at the Tioga County Prison, and Kevin Smith, full-time childcare worker with Residential Services, were terminated and the commissioners accepted the resignation of Helen Mosso, Line Staff in the Domestic Relations Office.

Tioga County Gideons received approval to use the Green for their May 2 National Day of Prayer service. The event will be held from noon to 1 p.m.