Jersey Shore hoping for sidewalk funding

Jersey Shore Borough Council Monday night crossed its fingers and approved submission of its 2013 Community Development Block Grant application for a downtown sidewalk replacement project.

The borough hopes to receive up to $82,600 for the work.

Eighty-two percent of the funding will cover the actual project and another 18 percent will be for administrative costs.

It was noted that due to the federal sequestration process, precise funding is unknown at this time.

In other matters, council approved Larson Design Group for land survey and topographical mapping work related to the public river access project.

Larson Design submitted the low bid for the work.

Mayor Dennis Buttorff announced that the Thompson Street Recreation Park project should be completed by the end of May.

He said electrical and other work is being done at this time at the site.

Council passed a resolution to certify 11 volunteer firefighters as fire police.

The resolution followed discussion among borough officials that revealed Jersey Shore officially had no fire police.

Buttorff explained that while a number of firefighters had been certified a number of years ago as fire police, they had never been sworn in.

Fire police are used for traffic and crowd control.

It was noted that with upcoming events in the borough including the Town Hall Meeting, fire police will especially be needed.

Borough Manager Joe Hamm told council he notified both fire companies earlier this year that they needed to ensure that some of their firefighters were certified as fire police under the state’s new regulations.

“It just seems bizarre that there is some sort of hold up here,” Councilman Sean Simcox said.

Council agreed that they couldn’t have people working as fire police if they were not properly certified. Otherwise, the borough could face liability issues.

Council voted to rehire 12 people and to hire seven others to work at the community pool this summer.