Local man concerned about intrusive government

Ken Cochran, 63, of Williamsport, has lived in the area his entire life. A former truck driver, Cochran worries that government policies have become intrusive and have focused more on garnering profits than serving the community.

He also is concerned that appointed officials have too much power over the general populace.

“There’s such a thing as the government helping people, and there’s such a thing as the government being too overbearing,” Cochran said.

“Right now, we have an intrusive government. Their focus is how they can help themselves; the only thought given to the taxpayers is ‘how can we take their money,'” he added.

Cochran is against officials entering private residences without a search warrant for any reason.

“Nobody has the right to come knock on my door and demand to enter my home unless I am causing a problem for the public,” Cochran said.

“If you want to enter my house, you better have a search warrant,” he added.

Cochran believes many appointed officials wield too much power. He feels these officials have little to fear from the general public and only are concerned with furthering their personal agendas.

“I see many people with jobs in the public sector who have authority over what policies get passed, who were appointed rather than elected,” Cochran said.

It frustrates Cochran that many appointed officials appear to have just as much influence as elected officials.

“If you’re being paid by the taxpayers, you need to listen to the taxpayers. Your job is to have their best interest at heart,” Cochran said, adding there can be little accountability when officials are appointed to their positions.

“If those appointed officials want power, let them put their name on the ballot and have the people vote them into office,” he said.