Loyalsock Township man ponders purpose of the universe

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Paul Dooris has some universal questions on his mind.

“I’ve been thinking about Carl Sagan and his belief in the Steady State theory of the universe, and how that gave way to the Big Bang. I believe the (Big Bang) implies there was a beginning and probably was a Creator.”

Dooris says that physicists now assign a “singularity point” to the beginning of the universe.

“Because it’s expanding they can retrace where it expanded from, I don’t know, several billions of years ago … before time there was no space, no matter, no energy, no laws of the universe – somehow something came out of that nothing.”

Dooris, a Montoursville native who works in human services and has lived in Loyalsock Township the past 13 years, says that “line of thinking has led me to reconsider the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.”

“Every time I tried to prove any of (their teachings) wrong, they’ve taught them right from the beginning,” he said. “It’s difficult to keep a convincing doctrine over time … how many of Jesus’ followers weren’t willing to be around when he was crucified, but were willing to die for him? Was that just for his memory?

“I think the testimony is convincing that the tomb had nobody in it.

“A long time ago, I studied philosophy (at Lock Haven),” he said. “I’ve sought a lot of things my whole life. It’s important to know if it this is all random chance or has a purpose … my thinking is there is a purpose to the universe.”