Muncy looks at roadwork, drug collection

MUNCY – The warm weather has members of the Muncy Borough Council looking toward springtime maintenance and housekeeping issues. A new employee manual, roadwork and the police department’s annual prescription drug collection were reviewed at the council’s Tuesday night meeting.

Some borough employees recently have received a new manual with updated information, particularly regarding health care and other benefits.

“Our new non-uniform employee manual basically just clarifies the benefits, makes everything legal,” Borough Manager Bill Ramsey said.

He added that the new manual is for all borough employees, except members of the police force.

According to Ramsey, citizens soon can expect to encounter fewer pot holes on Muncy streets.

“Now that the weather has started to warm up, we’re hoping to get the crews out and begin doing some cold patching,” Ramsey said.

He explained that holes will be fixed according to a prioritized list compiled by members of the public works crews.

The borough’s police force will team up with the national Drug Enforcement Administration to hold a prescription drug collection event at police headquarters on April 27.

During the event, residents can anonymously bring in their old medication for authorities to properly dispose of.

The event has been very successful in the past, according to police Chief Richard Sutton.

“People can bring prescription drugs to us, no questions asked, and at the end of the day they’re sealed up tight in boxes and taken away,” Sutton said.

“Last year, I was amazed. We collected three large boxes full,” he said.