Muncy Township supervisors eye security system

PENNSDALE – Muncy Township supervisors are discussing how best to pay for a video surveillance and keyless electronic entry system for the township building on Pond Road.

In light of recent attacks on law enforcement officials in Texas and West Virginia and to bring the facility up to date, Supervisor Tom Schaech, after consulting with fire and police leaders, said he wants to pursue installation and purchase of the system, with a cost not to exceed $18,000.

Police Chief Chris McKibben, who was not at the meeting but spoke with supervisors beforehand, noted the township has not received any credible threats.

Fire Chief Corey Palmatier said a grant may be available so the fire company could cover some of the expense.

Schaech said he also will see whether the state Department of General Services can provide a better price on security and surveillance equipment.

Entry to the building could be controlled and programmed for any updates to authorized personnel.

“Keys are outdated for this type of infrastructure,” Schaech said. “This would control traffic coming into the building.”

Supervisors Paul Wentzler and Gregory Gilbert said they want to discuss the matter further before they make a motion for approving the surveillance and security changes.

“I believe this would be an investment as opposed to an expense,” Schaech said.

“We have a 1960s vintage access system,” he said. “We owe it to our employees and people who provide service.”