Number of blighted buildings in double digits

Sixty-five properties are considered to be blighted in the city.

That was the update provided Tuesday morning by Joseph Gerardi, codes administrator, to the city blighted properties review committee.

The city began with a list of 188 properties that were blighted about five years ago.

Since then, regular enforcement by codes staff has reduced the number, he said.

The month of September will be a “tell-tale” one as that is the deadline for property owners who have received notice of violations to have them repaired, Gerardi said.

“That’s when push comes to shove,” he said.

The city may assess a fine of up to $1,000 per code violation, he said. But the department staff typically gives plenty of notice and will work with property owners who are selling properties or having them renovated, he added.

Blighted properties aren’t those with paint chipping off, Gerardi said. Blighted properties are in poor structural shape, and pose a public safety and health risk. Some houses are abandoned and in some cases boarded up, he said.

The committee took no action but reviewed the list with Gerardi and was pleased to see the amount of properties in poor shape and structurally deficient lowering.