Runners, spectators from region say they’re safe

Many local people were in Boston on Monday to run or watch the marathon when the bombs went off.

At press time, everyone from the region known to be in Boston for the race contacted by the Sun-Gazette had escaped harm.

Gerald McLaughlin, business manager at Loyalsock Township School District, finished running the race about 15 minutes before the explosions, in 4:18:05.

“He called me at exactly 3 o’clock, 10 minutes after it happened,” said Loyalsock basketball Coach Ron Insinger. “He was sitting on a curb about a quarter-mile down from where the explosions had taken place. He heard two deafening explosions that occurred what he thought was about five seconds apart. I could hear the sirens going wild when he was talking to me … We got cut off and he did get in contact with me like five minutes later and he was OK. It took him two and a half hours to get back to his motel.”

Kip Hoffman, a teacher at Warrior Run High School, had two sisters run the marathon Wendy Wood, of McEwensville and Shannon Hoffman, of Baltimore.

“They finished and they were out of the area about 15 minutes beforehand,” he said. “They were actually on the subway when it happened.”

David Brooks, of Coudersport, was watching the race about five blocks away, “between the finish and Fenway.”

“We didn’t hear the explosion. We knew we needed to get out of the area,” he said. “We were crossing above the course route on Massachusetts Avenue when they stopped the race. All the runners came to a sudden stop and started to scatter.”

Brooks talked to one runner who did the God’s Country Marathon last year.

“The one I talked to had finished 11 minutes before the explosion,” he said. “We heard all the others (we knew) were all safe.”

Joel Gladfelter, son of the Rev. Art and Sharon Gladfelter, of Hughesville, finished the race in under three hours.

“Thankfully he’s safe and he did get out of the city,” Rev. Gladfelter said. “He had his reservation so as soon as he was done he could get out. We’re praying for those who’ve been injured and thankful Joel’s OK.”

Scott Templin, of Muncy, also finished the marathon. A relative confirmed he was safe and at his motel.