2 are seeking mayor’s spot in Montoursville

Suddenly, there is a mayoral race in the borough of Montoursville.

Two people now are seeking the office in Tuesday’s primary election, including longtime Mayor John Dorin, who in February announced he was not seeking another term but now is running as a write-in candidate.

The other candidate, Kim DiRocco, has filed with Lycoming County to run on the Republican ticket.

The two each talked about their reasons for seeking the office and what they see for Montoursville in coming years.

John Dorin

Dorin, of 1316 Weldon St., has been mayor for eight terms.

He earlier served on borough council.

He changed his mind, he said, after people asked him to reconsider his decision to step down.

“I did retire,” he said. “However, since February people kept questioning me why. People wanted me to run. They were disappointed I wasn’t running.”

Dorin said he later was approached by a group of people who urged him to be a write-in candidate.

After consultation with his family, he decided to go ahead and run for mayor.

“My family supported me for 35 years, and I’m sure they are willing to support me for four more years and my work with council in getting ongoing projects on track,” he said. “I am dispelling any rumors that I am not running. I am asking both parties to write me in.”

Dorin said there is a lot of unfinished business left to do in Montoursville.

“We have the airport terminal to do,” he said. “What can we do as a community to support that new terminal? Hopefully, new airlines will be coming in. We need to be prepared for it. It can benefit the airport, the county and community.”

Dorin said bank stabilization of Loyalsock Creek and construction of a dike at the west end of the borough will be important for Montoursville to help prevent future flooding.

He noted that sales of borough water have been vital to the borough in recent years, and proper infrastructure for maintaining that resource will be a priority.

“We need to ensure better infrastructure,” he said. “We need new meters. We aren’t tracking water consumption as well as we should.”

In considering the single biggest problem of Montoursville, Dorin said he is concerned the borough is not selling as much water. That’s likely the result of less demand for water from natural gas companies who now are doing less drilling.

Dorin noted the importance of having a good police department and proper law enforcement for the borough.

“We need to ensure we have 24-hour coverage. That was my goal 30 years ago,” he said. “The police department is doing very well and has accomplished many things.”

He said the police department needs to continue with the way it has been run.

Dorin called for improvements at Indian Park and the Mill Street park.

He said he’d like to create handicapped accessible facilities at the Indian Park pond.

For the Mill Street park, there should be more pavilions and some boat docks.

Overall, he thinks quality of life is one of the greatest aspects of Montoursville.

Dorin was employed in management at GTE Products Corp., Williamsport and at Jersey Shore Steel as materials manager.

A native of Taylor, in Lackawanna County, he is a graduate of Temple University and is a U.S. Army veteran.

He and his wife are the parents of three children.

They have one grandson.

Kim DiRocco

DiRocco, of 316 Jordan Ave., is in her fourth year as a member of borough council.

She said she decided to run after seeing an opening for the mayoral post.

“It’s a way to give back to the community,” she said. I felt I would be very qualified to serve as mayor and also very proud to serve as mayor.”

DiRocco was asked what she would hope to accomplish.

“I envision myself fundraising and bringing grants to the area. I am connected locally and throughout the county,” she said. “I want to foster volunteerism which has dwindled. There are people who need help with getting things done.”

DiRocco noted that the Volunteers of Indian Park could use help with maintaining and upgrading Indian Park, which she feels is an important part of the community.

“I want to be a proud and professional part of the borough,” she said. “The borough is made up not just of folks in office, it’s borough employees, residents and everyone. I want to create that sense of community.”

DiRocco was asked about the single biggest problem of the borough.

“In all honesty we have an amazing borough. We have a surplus of funds in the bank. I feel that any of the issues that we have are not insurmountable,” she said. “I know some people like to say we do have major problems, but they can be solved.”

DiRocco thinks the borough has a lot going for it.

“First of all, I am so proud of the park and the volunteerism that goes on there,” she said. “I am so proud of work going on to help our employees. They give us back so much. The police department, the streets department, the office workers; they work very hard for the borough residents. Unfortunately, when I came on council there was a lot of dissension. We were able to solve some of those problems. Some of them felt they did not feel valued by the borough. When you treat your employees as respected members, they give more and they do it with pride.”

DiRocco is a real estate agent with Prudential Hodrick Reality.

She is a graduate of Montoursville Area High School and of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh.

She is married with three step-children and a grandmother of three.