44 from ‘Most Wanted’ list rounded up so far

Of the 183 offenders avoiding the law listed in last Saturday’s Lycoming County Most Wanted section, published in the Sun-Gazette, county law enforcement has apprehended 44.

That number didn’t come without one injury – a sheriff’s deputy broke two fingers in a struggle with one suspect on Arch Street at midday Saturday.

Besides that person, who also now will face charges of resisting arrest, one other person was apprehended with marijuana and related paraphernalia on his person and will face additional charges.

“It was very successful – we had 75 to 100 calls from individuals,” county Detective William Weber said. “We encourage them to still call.”

Over the weekend, 16 offenders were rounded up and others turned themselves in.

“We did find a couple that had been deceased, that died outside of the area, and we confirmed that,” Weber said. “We were able to find 16 people that have been wanted for domestic relations issues. Hopefully money, some money, will come back to the children and families.”

The Sun-Gazette will post the 2013 Most Wanted section on its website in the next two weeks, with those who have been rounded up marked as LOCATED.