Accused Jersey Shore killer to stand trial

There is enough evidence against Glenn Jackson to proceed to trial in county court, according to Judge Allen P. Page III, who presided over Jackson’s preliminary arraignment on Thursday.

Jackson, of Jersey Shore, has been accused of killing Michael Krauser and burying his body in a crawlspace in the basement of his residence at 317 S. Lincoln Ave.

Authorities were tipped off by Jackson’s neighbor, Jennifer Seltzer, who took the stand during the hearing. Seltzer testified that Jackson came to her home on March 6 with the deed to his house and some jewelry. He seemed nervous and agitated and asked her to take the items because the cops were looking for him.

Jackson allegedly confessed to Seltzer that he had buried Krauser’s body beneath his home. According to Seltzer, the two men were drinking on the night of Feb. 11 when they had an argument “over a microwave, or something stupid.”

The two men began to fight. At some point in the struggle, Krauser allegedly placed Jackson in a choke hold, Seltzer explained.

“He told me he grabbed Mr. Krauser’s hands and broke one of his fingers – said he could feel it snap – then he hit him with an ashtray and he slumped down onto a dog bed,” Seltzer testified.

“When he hit Mr. Krauser, he said it knocked him out. Then he just snapped – he said he grabbed a sword and he just stabbed him,” she added.

During his arraignment before District Judge Jerry C. Lepley, Jackson confessed that he had harmed Krauser but insisted his actions were self-defense.

Seltzer said Jackson went on to explain how he had buried Krauser’s body in the crawlspace in his basement.

“He said he had buried it. He said the body was starting to smell and make noises,” Seltzer said.

District Attorney Eric Linhardt also called on the expertise of lead investigator Trooper Jeffery A. Villello, who testified that authorities had uncovered a fully intact body buried in the dirt, “below the surface” of Jackson’s basement on March 7.

Later, a wallet found on the body and autopsy results revealed the remains were those of Krauser.

Jackson’s home, which was “extremely dirty and unkempt” had a circle on the floor of the dining room where someone appeared to recently have cleaned, police said.

“It was very clear that the center of the dining room had been cleaned down to the bare boards in the floor. There was a defined circle of cleanliness. Right outside that circle, there were dog feces,” Villello said.

Authorities uncovered an ashtray stand – the alleged murder weapon – from a shed that belongs to a homeless shelter in Jersey Shore. The stand had “an odor of decomposing flesh” and was covered in blood, according to testimony.

Jackson did not take the stand, and the defense chose to rest without making closing remarks.

Jackson remains incarcerated without bail on felony homicide charges.

If convicted, he could face a sentence of life in prison, or death.