Hughesville OK’s new paving plan

HUGHESVILLE – Hughesville Borough Council picked a summer paving plan at its meeting Monday night.

Council awarded a paving contract for $72,707 to HRI Inc. that will include resurfacing Academy Street between Spruce and Main streets, and Walnut Street between Main and Railroad streets, along with work on several alleys.

Four bids were received, with estimates ranging up to about $92,000.

The resignations of part-time police officers Michael Palmatier and Marlin Angelo were submitted for acceptance.

As a result, council will be looking to hire two new part-time officers.

They also agreed to spend $4,940 on a leaf box for the new F-550 truck purchased in March and expected to arrive by fall.

“How are you going to get that box off?” asked Councilman Richard Smith.

“We’ll pick it up with the ‘hoe,” said Dale Cahn, public works supervisor. “We’ll be able to just strap it on and have it off in 10 minutes if we need the truck for gravel – that took a half a day before.”

Council also approved a bid of $3,720 from Dincher and Dincher Tree Surgeons, of Williamsport, to take out two trees in Bodine Park and do work on several others.

“We’ve got one tree at the (Academy and Main) light that’s deader than a doornail, a blind man could see that,” said council President Jeff Berger. “We should have them look at that.”