Hughesville woman concerned about teenage pregnancies

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Renee Page sees too many kids having kids.

“This is coming from a grandparent’s point of view – I talk to a lot of people helping to raise their grandchildren. The kids are being selfish and stupid about having babies.”

Page, a beautician who lives in Hughesville, has seen how adolescent relationships end up going once a child, or two, or three, is added.

“They don’t stay together. The mother eventually has to go on welfare and the father goes to jail for child support. The parents should raise the kids, not the grandparents.”

Page thinks young women should know what options they have to prevent pregnancy.

“Ask a friend. Talk to whoever in private. Kids are afraid to talk to their parents, and if they’d talk to them they would realize their parents were there, too, at one time. Parents want to know before anything happens. They’re not going to be mad.”

Options include the family planning clinics in Williamsport, Page says.

“Call family planning – it’s free. They’re there to talk to you and give advice to young girls, to tell them what their basic needs are to keep from getting pregnant. If a woman does not want to get pregnant, she won’t, whether it takes two to tango or not. You can’t rely on a teenage boy to stop.”

There’s one more thing Page would change relating to teens and pregnancy.

“That Teen Mom show on MTV, that has to stop.”