Jury: Cop’s pin seizure violated rights

A jury in U.S. Middle District Court returned a verdict Friday against a veteran Williamsport police officer, ending a three-day civil trial and five years of angst for Randy and Janete Shrey, who sued the veteran cop and waited for their day in court.

The couple filed the 2010 suit against police Agent Raymond O. Kontz III, and eight jurors believed Kontz unlawfully seized their prized Little League pin collection in the guise of an investigation and committed theft more than five years ago when Kontz was a captain overseeing the criminal investigative division.

To send a message, jurors in the case, presided by Judge Matthew W. Brann, awarded the Shreys $45,000 in punitive and $14,553 in compensatory damages.

“Perhaps now the district attorney will get off his hands and do something about this case,” said Michael J. Zicolello, their attorney.

Meanwhile, David MacMain, attorney for Kontz, who also was an internal affairs officer, congratulated Zicolello and the Shreys, and left the building.