Library looks at replacing vehicle

The James V. Brown Library Board discussed replacing a vehicle the library uses to transport books in its interlibrary exchange program Thursday.

John Confer, board member, explained that its previous vehicle, a 2000 Jeep Cherokee, needs repairs to it and would be better to replace it. The board will look to replace the vehicle with a 2013 Ford Transit, which Confer described as a “small, cargo-type van.”

“It’s one that, I guess, a lot of small businesses are using,” he said.

Although the board approved to pay no more than $30,000 for the vehicle, Confer said the library was looking to find a cheaper price tag by seeing if a car dealership could donate part or all of the price in exchange for an advertisement of the business on the van.

The vehicle’s cost would be paid for using funds from a vehicle replacement fund the library has in place.

The board also heard an update on its 2013 budget.

Shirley Alters, chief financial officer, explained that there a few “minor” changes to it. Confer reported that changes amounted in about $6,000.

Alters said that the changes were due to getting a clearer picture of what costs they should expect. One change was health insurance costs lower than the board’s original budgeting, she said.

Alters also said that fundraisers and donations were the only variable revenue that is difficult to predict.

“I’m sure we’re pretty close to last year,” she said of the budget.

The library received level funding in Gov. Tom Corbett’s budget proposal.