Road engineering to be paid for by gas impact fees

City Council is expected tonight to vote on an issue that will help to complete reconstruction and improvements on Reach Road for industrial park use.

Council is anticipated to sign a resolution agreeing to use $117,200 of natural gas impact fee funds through Lycoming County to the city for engineering costs for a section of the road in the West End.

The money will be used to pay Larson Design Group engineers as they plan for the reconstruction of North Reach Road west to the end and a part of Reading Avenue.

Council’s Finance Committee recently gave the measure no recommendation pending further review by the full body of council.

The reason gas impact fee money can be used is because numerous businesses in the industrial park are associated with the Marcellus Shale, according to John Grado, city engineer and director of community and economic development.

It gives the commissioners better idea of what the project entails with the engineering and the county is on board with creating jobs, retaining employers and making the corridor more efficient and safe for workers and visitors alike, Grado said.