School board vacancies on horizon countywide

Although there are four active races for school board positions in the county’s eight school districts, there are seven regions that do not have any or too few candidates to fill vacancies.

The May 21 primary election ballot will show Montgomery Area School District Region 2 with two vacancies but only one candidate; Montoursville Area School District Region 2 with no candidates for one seat; one candidate with two open seats in Muncy Borough and no candidates to fill two open seats in Muncy Township for the Muncy School District; no candidates for South Williamsport Area School District Region 2 and 3, one seat open in each region; and Williamsport Area School District with only one candidate for five open seats.

Sandy Adams, county director of elections and registration, explained that write-in candidates would be placed on November’s ballot if they receive 10 write-in votes, except in Williamsport’s case where 100 write-in votes are required.

Adams said the difference in votes needed is due to the amount of signatures needed on a petition to have a candidate’s name on the primary ballot.

For November’s election, the top vote getter is elected to the position, whether on the ballot or a write-in candidate.

“The one year we had a supervisor win with one vote,” Adams said.

Williamsport Area School Board has four vacancies on its ballot as Jane L. Penman will be the only name to appear on it for five open seats.

Terms expire at the end of this year for board members Thomas Zimmerman, Dale Vollman, Jay Shultz and Brette Confair, none of whom is seeking re-election.

With Todd S. Woodling as a candidate for one of the two Montgomery Area School Board Region 2 seats, the board also will have an active race.

Jody Lee Budman and Dean Showers Jr. will vie for one seat in Region 3.

Christopher J. Johnson and Augustine Spizzirri are on the ballot for two seats in the board’s Region 1.

And although there are no candidates for Montoursville Area School Board’s Region 2, there are three candidates – Scott W. Konkle, Dora Pioli and William S. Ruffing – for Region 3’s two seats.

George E. Hagenmeyer is running for one seat in Region 1 and James Bergen is going for a two-year term in Region 3.

Muncy School Board’s Muncy Creek Township will see Mary C. Bennardi on the ballot for one four-year term and Scott M. Johnson for one two-year term. Muncy Borough and Muncy Township have two open seats each, but only Lisa Sleboda, for a Muncy Borough seat, has submitted her name.

And while South Williamsport Area School Board’s Regions 2 and 3 have no candidates, current board members Gregg T. Balawajder and John J. Engel Jr. will run for two open seats in Region 1.

Jersey Shore Area School Board will have two active races and one special election on its ballot, after having its regional boundaries reapportioned earlier this year.

Craig M. Allen and Bethany Shrodo will compete for one open seat in Region 1. With two seats open in Region 3, the ballot will include Harry J. Brungard, Shelley A.R. Helm, David R. Hines and Kelley Wasson.

And after change in boundaries, the board needed to hold a special election for Region 3, which will see Loren Koch run for one open seat.

East Lycoming School Board and Loyalsock Township School Board will have neither active races nor vacancies on the ballot.

For Region 1, East Lycoming has Amy Rogers and Karen L. Berger for two open seats. Randy Eddinger for Region 2 and Diane Santo for Region 3 will run for one open seat each.

Loyalsock Township has four open seats with four current board members on the ballot. Maureen Carey, William P. Carlucci, John B. Raymond and Sheila J. Yates are all looking for re-election.