Soap Box Derby field set

The field is set for the 2013 Williamsport Soap Box Derby.

Drivers aged 7 to 17 will compete in two classes June 15 to be the quickest down the Market Street hill course and earn themselves and their families a trip to Akron, Ohio, for the All-American Soap Box Derby finals in July.

Fifty-eight racers compete in two divisions – stock and superstock – that are divvied up according to driver age, height and weight. Stock cars are 200 pounds and driven by those 7 to 13 years old and superstock cars are 240 pounds and driven by those ages 10 to 17.

The format is double-elimination and every match is made up of two trips down the straightaway. Race day will begin at 8:30 a.m. and matches will be held until about 4 in the afternoon.

“We want to make it a real driver-centric experience,” said Jim Campbell, derby director. “Even though the cars look identical, they’re not – we try to boil it down real strong so the driver affects the outcome.”

Those driving in the stock division, with their name and school, if available:

Ryan Bahr, Ferrell Elementary

Abigail Bolton, Lyter Elementary

Audrey Edwards, Schick Elementary

Cecilia Fink, Sheridan Elementary

Jack Fink, Sheridan Elementary

Evan Frey, Sheridan Elementary

Ethan Freynik, Cochran Elementary

Joey Freynik, Curtin Middle School

Steven Gehr, Loyalsock Township Middle School

Cody Goodspeed, Warrior Run Middle School

Keefer Goodspeed, Warrior Run Middle School

Elliott Harris, Stevens Elementary

Lia Killoran, Curtin Middle School

Isabelle Kriner, Nippenose Valley Elementary

Juliana Kriner, St. John Neumann Academy

Reilly Kriner, Nippenose Valley Elementary

Jacob MacKenzie

Luke Maneval, Nippenose Valley Elementary

Brayden March, Round Hills Elementary

Lauren Marks, Loyalsock Valley Elementary

David Miller, Central Elementary

Drew Miller, Midd-West

Alex Moyer, Round Hills Elementary

Jayden Rinehart, Lyter Elementary

Ryan Rishcoff, Central Elementary

Isaac Ritter

Dominic Roupp, Rommelt Elementary

McKinsey Sauers, Rommelt Elementary

Ben Stoetzel

Ethan Williams

Brett Young, Hepburn-Lycoming Elementary.

Superstock division:

Cheyenne Bastian-Brown, Jackson Elementary

Kainen Bem, St. John Neumann Academy

Caleb Beard, Connections Academy

Matthew Beard, Connections Academy

Tyler Bolton, McCall Middle School

Tripp Breen, Rommelt Middle School

Kayden Cline

William Confer

Jade Cordrey, Ferrell Elementary

Aaron Derr, Curtin Middle School

Alec Dickey, Lycoming Valley Middle School

Cameron Dickey, Lycoming Valley Middle School

Ezra Englert, Jersey Shore Middle School

Matthew Getgen, Lycoming Valley Middle School

Mathew Hammond, Curtin Middle School

Maria Helminiak, St. John Neumann Academy

Jack Holmes, Lycoming Valley Middle School

Maddie LaForme, Montgomery

Joey LaRose, Muncy Elementary

Jennifer Mertes, St. John Neumann Academy

Kelsey Shuller

Zachary Swartz

Katherine Turner, Cochran Elementary

Matthew Turner, Curtin Middle School

James Wertman, Connections Academy.