Tioga County voters cast ballots in primary

Tioga County voters had a chance Tuesday to choose their parties’ candidates for sheriff, magisterial district judge, prothonotary and treasurer.

Several races were heated, such as the county treasurer position, where four candidates battled it out for the Republican party’s nomination.

Other hot elections included the Democratic judge nomination for the Superior Court and Republican prothonotary nomination.

Unofficial election results were released late Tuesday night from the Tioga County Voter’s Registration office. They include:


The Republican Party’s nomination for prothonotary and clerk of courts will go to Mary Kay Clark, who received 53 percent of the vote. She beat her opponent, Marie Y. Seymour, by 66 votes.

Write-in candidates received 73 votes on the Democratic ballot.


The Republican party’s nomination for Sheriff went to Tom Young, who received 62.32 percent of the votes. He beat his opponent, Paul Watkins, by 245 votes. One vote was cast for a write-in candidate.

The Democratic Party’s nomination for sheriff is unclear. Write-in candidate(s) received 159 votes.

County treasurer

Four individuals had announced their intention to run for the position of county treasurer on the Republican ticket.

The nomination went to Kera L. Hackett, who received 36.9 percent of the votes. Amy Kane Perry received 33.13 percent, Craig West received 19.21 percent and Dennis B. Crumb received 11.5 percent of the votes. One vote was cast for a write-in candidate.

The public cast 116 votes for write-in candidate(s) on the Democratic ticket.

District magistrate

James E. Carlson, who cross-filed his candidacy for district magistrate, received 93 votes on the Republican ticket and 34 votes from the Democratic side.