Towing ordinance altered for degree of fairness

Six towing companies operating in Williamsport no longer want to split the city by east and west using Market Street as a dividing line when they respond to accidents and tow abandoned vehicles.

City Council held the final reading and passed a change to the towing fee ordinance Thursday because some of the companies thought more activities were happening west of Market Street.

The adjustment reads that any towing service contracted by the city of Williamsport may be dispatched.

It was a way to adjust the ordinance to make it fair for all businesses involved, according to city police Chief Gregory A. Foresman.

Whenever a driver is involved in an accident and requests a towing company the city receives a percentage of the towing fee the companies assess, he said when the ordinance was first approved.

The ordinance was created as a way for police to recuperate money when an officer stands by at accident scenes or for towing abandoned vehicles, city police Capt. Timothy Miller said. He said that it frees patrol officers for other duties.

Councilman Randall J. Allison received affirmation from Foresman that the ordinance is working as it was intended.

“I’m sure there will be some tweaks ahead,” Foresman said.