2 local deaths linked to drug, alcohol use

The use of alcohol and drugs played a contributing role in causing the recent deaths of two young people.

The death of 21-year-old Regina L. Lapp, of South Williamsport, on March 14 has been ruled “an accidental drug overdose,” according to Lycoming County Coroner Charles E. Kiessling Jr.

Lapp was found dead inside a second-floor studio at the Pajama Factory at 1307 Park Ave., where she had retired for the night, investigators said.

The young woman retreated to a bed in the studio that was rented by a man whose son sometimes slept there, city police said.

Lapp and the son were close acquaintances, and the son also was sleeping in the studio during the early morning hours when Lapp is seen on surveillance video staggering as she entered the building, police said.

Toxicology tests revealed Lapp had in her system a deadly mixture of heroin, marijuana and prescription drugs along with enough alcohol to make her “legally intoxicated,” Kiessling said.

“The alcohol and the drugs interacted with one other and they are all depressants. They can all work together to shut down one’s breathing,” Kiessling said.

Alcohol and drugs also played a role in cutting short the life of 22-year-old Aaron C. Moore, of Williamsport, Kiessling said.

Moore, a 2009 graduate of the Jersey Shore High School where he played on several teams, had a blood-alcohol content level of .25 when he got behind the wheel of a 2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser that crashed and landed upside down in Lycoming Creek, just south of the lower end of Heshbon Road in April, Kiessling said.

State police investigators believe the crash occurred sometime Saturday, April 20, but the vehicle was not spotted in the six to eight feet of water until three days later.

Moore, whose death was ruled an accidental drowning, also had marijuana in his system, Kiessling said.