Borough names new police chief

MONTGOMERY – The new Chief of Police for the borough was greeted warmly Tuesday night at a specially called meeting involving both borough council and Brady Township supervisors.

Gregory Drollinger, 31, was selected from among four candidates who interviewed for the job. He will earn $23 per hour and work less than 40 hours per week.

For the past decade, Drollinger has worked for the Watsontown Police Department in nearby Northumberland County.

A 10-year police veteran, Drollinger said the borough can anticipate plenty of changes – for the positive.

When asked to explain, he said the people hopefully will notice the difference in coming months.

Drollinger said among his first orders of business will be trying to procure better equipment and deal with some personnel issues.

He said he also wants to improve where he can on community relations and get the residents more interactive with the officers and programs, particularly youth-oriented programs.

While in Watsontown, Drollinger has been a patrolman and more recently a senior officer and detective. He began his career with the Watsontown police in 2003 as a part-time officer, and was hired as a full-time officer in 2006.

Drollinger was promoted to detective in 2009.

Since that time he has attended numerous training courses, ranging from DUI and traffic enforcement to criminal and drug crimes, including a weeklong homicide investigation course and the two-week criminal investigators’ course.

He also attended a five-day bike patrol officer training course and was an active member of the Northumberland-Montour Drug Task Force.

Changes won’t happen overnight, but over time they will, according to Mayor Andrew Onufrak II.

Drollinger’s contract with the borough remains incomplete, according to solicitor Benjamin Landon. It must be finalized and approved by the council, perhaps at the next meeting, he said. The contract is a public record and will be available at the time, he said.

As chief, Drollinger’s employment does not fall under the collective bargaining unit. Instead, Drollinger’s contract is with the borough and he is under the mayor and hired by the council.

The department complement includes two full-time officers, Patrolman Larry Wilcox, who was working as the interim chief of police until he resigned recently; Jeff Houseknecht, and two part-time officers, Jason Wertz and Ernie Delp.

Borough police provide coverage for the borough and Brady Township.

Drollinger’s hiring was effective following the announcement made at the meeting.