Charges for suspects in Montoursville shooting

Authorities have released more information in connection to the shooting that took place late last month in Montoursville.

Donte Jamal Jones, 22, of 101 Lafayette Avenue, Colwyn, and his co-defendant, Billy Golden, 22, of Williamsport, have both been charged with felony counts for attempted murder, conspiracy to commit murder, burglary, aggravated assault, discharging a firearm into a residence, carrying a gun without a license, possession of heroin with intent to deliver, possession of a controlled substance, simple assault and two counts of reckless endangerment.

Gunshots rang out on the early morning of May 28 at 324 Jordon Ave. in Montoursville. Numerous police departments responded to the scene, where they discovered that the rear door of the residence had been kicked in and bullet holes littered the home.

Montoursville Forensic Services uncovered three shell casings; one from a .380 and two from a 9mm, in the kitchen and dining room of apartment B. They also uncovered three bullet holes in the north front door and two bullet fragments by the north front door of the same apartment, according to police.

Authorities also uncovered two .380 shell casings on the west side of the building, in South Lloyd Alley. Two bullet holes were discovered on the west side of the building in apartment A, and bullet fragments were found in the kitchen of the same apartment, records state.

Victim Chad Stutzman, an admitted heroin addict, told Montoursville police that he believed the shooting occurred due to some money and drugs he had previously stolen from two drug dealers on May 22.

According to authorities, Stutzman had been introduced to Jones and Golden about a month prior by another alleged heroin addict.

Jones and Golden agreed to provide Stutzman heroin in exchange for transportation to and from Philadelphia to gather more heroin, according to reports.

On May 22, Stutzman picked Golden and Jones up behind the American Rescue Workers. There, Jones allegedly “stashed” something in the trunk of Stutsman’s Subaru Impreza, beneath the spare tire. Stutsman allegedly drove the two men to Philadelphia. Jones picked up more heroin from an unknown residence and added this new acquisition to the narcotics already stored in the vehicle’s trunk, according to police.

Jones and Golden then requested that Stutzman give them a ride to a shoe store so they could purchase new shoes. While the alleged dealers were busy, Stutzman took off in his car and drove back to Williamsport.

Once in the city, Stutzman examined the contents of his vehicle. He discovered numerous bricks of heroin and two handguns. He took all the contraband into his apartment, where he stored the guns and used some of the heroin, according to police.

On May 23, Stutzman told a friend about the heroin and guns he had allegedly stolen from Golden and Jones. Stutzman picked his friend up and took him back to his residence, where the two allegedly used some of the stolen heroin. They also checked the trunk of the Subaru again, where they discovered dozens of glass vials of crack cocaine, according to reports.

The two men split the cocaine between them. Stutzman also gave his friend one of the stolen guns – a .45 pistol, according to court records.

Stutzman then took the friend back to Williamsport near the American Rescue Workers. There, Stutzman noticed Jones standing on a street corner. Stutzman hit a red light at the intersection of Market Street and Little League Boulevard. Jones allegedly jumped inside the vehicle and began attacking him, according to police.

Stutzman was able to escape by jamming his thumb in Jones’ eye and forcing him out of the car, records state.

Over the next few days, several fellow addicts contacted Stutzman and informed him that Jones was looking for him, police wrote in the affidavit.

On May 28, Stutzman heard someone knock on the rear door of his residence; Apartment B of 324 Jordon Avenue. He looked through the peep hole and saw two figures, which he assumed were Jones and Golden. The two men allegedly began kicking the door in and Stutzman fled to his bedroom, records state.

Stutzman managed to escape to a neighbor’s residence, where he called the police.

While no one was injured in the incident, at least one innocent bystander faced a close call. Stutzman’s neighbor in Apartment A – an elderly woman who was asleep on her couch at the time of the incident. According to police, one bullet whizzed right over the woman and struck a window behind her, causing broken glass to fall over her body.

Police were able to obtain detailed descriptions of the two gunmen based on witness reports. On June 3, police located Jones and Golden near the intersection of Center Street and Memorial Avenue in the city. Both men were positively identified, records state.

Authorities arranged a photo line-up with both men, and witnesses were able to positively identify both, according to the affidavit.

Jones faced a preliminary hearing before District Judge Gary Whiteman on June 24. Whiteman determined there was enough evidence to hold all Jones’ charges over for a trial. He remains incarcerated without bail. He will face a formal arraignment on July 29.

Golden awaits his preliminary hearing, records state.