Committee is OK with spending $3M

Williamsport City Council’s Finance Committee Tuesday recommended the full council approve $3 million in general obligation dollars for projects.

Council is expected to take action at its Thursday meeting on the projects which include reimbursement costs associated with the Church Street Transportation and Trade & Transit centers, as well as redevelopment of William Street and other infrastructure needs in the central downtown, according to finance committee member Randall Allison.

Money is also being allocated for the city’s records management system and streets reconstruction.

In other matters, the finance committee recommended spending $300,000 in leftover funds from the Home Partnership program for the former Bro-Dart building.

The money amounts to a 1-percent interest loan for developers to create housing at the site.

“By using $300,000 it allows the city to reallocate $100,000 of city Act 13 funds and $200,000 of county Act 13 funds for off-site improvements and site remediation activities in the area,” Allison added.

The committee also recommended use of grant money to provide safety and security equipment for city hall.

The $10,060 grant is to be split with the county.

No discussion took place regarding the possible leasing of space by the city from Liberty Group developer Dan Klingerman for temporary parking on the east side of Market Street next to the Carl E. Stotz Memorial Little League Bridge. City officials reportedly are working on a deal to park cars at the site where space is being cleared to make way for an office tower.