Councilwoman, mayor at odds over meeting about shooting

A public meeting being called by a Montoursville Borough councilwoman to discuss a recent shooting in the community is not being accepted with open arms by everyone.

Mayor John Dorin isn’t happy that the meeting was scheduled without either his or council’s approval.

“She should have went through council,” Dorin said.

Instead, Kim DiRocco, who is running against Dorin for Montoursville mayor, announced the June 12 meeting to council earlier this week.

And she sees no problem with having done that.

The May 28 shooting occurred on the first-floor apartment of 324 Jordan Ave., just a few doors from DiRocco’s home.

Two gunmen forced their way into the residence and fired at least two shots at a tenant as he fled through another door to a neighbor’s home, according to borough police.

The victim, a man in his 30s who was not injured, was the intentional target of the gunmen.

“I am one of the witnesses to the activity down here. Why wouldn’t I do something about it?” DiRocco asked.

DiRocco conceded she didn’t formally go through council to set up the meeting.

Dorin claimed that represents a violation of the borough code.

Borough Solicitor Randy Sees said he really couldn’t comment on whether it is a violation.

Dorin also has problems with DiRocco asking police to be present at the meeting.

As mayor, Dorin is in charge of the police department.

He said he should have first been consulted if police were planning to attend the meeting.

“It’s a matter of protocol and following the borough code and who is in charge,” he said.

Dorin has served as mayor for more than 30 years.

He announced earlier this year he would not seek re-election but later staged a successful write-in campaign to get on the Democratic ticket in November.

DiRocco, for her part, said the issue is not about politics.

“It’s not a politically motivated meeting. It’s about the safety of the community,” she said. “I have had numerous conversations with people who are upset about this.”

DiRocco has said the goal of the meeting will be to meet with residents and discuss what is happening in Montoursville’s neighborhoods.