Couple tired of burning and noise

JERSEY SHORE – A borough couple asked council Monday getting an outdoor burning ordinance and enforcement of the existing noise ordinance – for their health’s sake.

Denise and Norm Hager asked council whether something can be done about outdoor burning and noise from vehicles.

Denise Hager went first and said she believes that burning outdoors should be restricted to either a river or campground lot, not in the backyard of residences.

She said some residents burn anything, including garbage, and old tires.

“You can hardly open your windows at night,” her husband, Norman, said.

He someyhing could be done to restrict loud music or loudness caused by those inside vehicles playing radioes or squealing tires.

Hager said he has been a resident on Allegheny Street for the past 15 years and has noticed the problem only getting worse. Others in the audience agreed and said it wasn’t just Allegheny Street.

Council President Marguerite Dyroff told Denise Hager that she would have the codes committee review the requests and asked Police Chief Shawn Hummer if he could “look into the matter.”

Hummer later in the meeting noted the police are checking on numerous codes violations such as high grass, weeks, garbage, junk vehicles, yard sale signs on utility poles and grass in streets.

Some ordinances require the police to issue a warning they hang on the door of residences, Hummer said.

He noted up to 75 to 85 percent of those who received notices comply and respond to correct the violations.

Also during the meeting, Mayor Dennis Buttorff said the borough will be recognized in the state for its Pine Creek Trail Connector and is receiving a prestigious transportation award later this month.