Hughesville council considers noise late at night from festivals

HUGHESVILLE – A busy summer of music and activities at the Lycoming County Fairgrounds had council discussing noise and nuisance ordinances at its Monday night meeting.

“There’s a couple blues festival-type things scheduled and a rock and roll weekend coming up (June 21-23),” Mayor Walter Reed told council. “Kind of bring your camper and your cooler sorts of things.”

Since some of the proposed festivals want to play music until midnight, noise complaints might be a concern.

“Do we have a specific ordinance that states anything about shutting down at a particular time of night?” Reed asked. “The only one I can find is a nuisance ordinance.”

“The nuisance ordinance is difficult to enforce,” said solicitor Ryan Tira.

“If we don’t find an ordinance, it might be something we’ll want to consider,” Reed said. “It seems like it’ll be a busier summer – one of these they’re hoping to get 10,000 people. The fair does 70,000 over nine days.”

Council also discussed ways to get people to slow down in alleys.

“The alleys really look nice right now,” Reed said. “But we’re getting more traffic, higher speed traffic at some of the intersections. I’m worried about pedestrians, maybe, getting hit at one of these blind intersections.”

Council will look at adding some stop signs and making a more specific ordinance to enforce alley stopping, Council President Jeff Berger said.

The borough also plans to apply for an Automated Red Light Enforcement grant to help pay for a replacement traffic signal at Main and Cemetery streets.

“There are more applicants than recipients for these grants,” Tira said. “As you get farther up into gas country, the chances seem to be better of getting one.”

Council next meets on June 24 at 7 p.m.