Jersey Shore woman: Finding work takes perseverance

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Latrinda Winter has seen how difficult finding a job can be these days.

She just found a job in a Golden Strip restaurant, but it wasn’t easy, she says.

“Between filling out so many Internet applications and walking around for three months, I probably put in 150 applications, just to get one callback for an interview … there’s places that would tell you you couldn’t put an application in because they don’t have enough money to pay their workers sometimes.”

Winter, of Jersey Shore, says that seeing so many people putting in applications and knowing they’ll likely not even get a call saddens her.

“CareerLink helps out with outfits and such for an interview, but even those are hard to land now. I was at a career fair the other day in Williamsport and there were hundreds of people putting in applications. Most won’t even get a call back. Everyone should have an equal and fair chance.”

If one does find a job after a long search, benefits are unlikely to come with it, Winter says.

“Health care is way overpriced, and places give people full-time hours but part-time pay. They say you made this much money and worked this many hours, but we can’t give you benefits. I’ve had that happen to me before.”

Though a job seeker’s prospects might be bleak, people should still look hard for work, Winter says.

“Going through all that long time to find a job, it’s worth it in the end – the feeling when you get that call back for an interview.” And she has some words of advice: “People who aren’t looking now should probably be looking.”