Loyalsock Township supervisors contemplate recycling program

Loyalsock Township might be the first municipality to enter the county’s single stream recycling program.

“The county wants to use us as the Guinea pig as the first community to move forward with this,” township manager Bill Burdett told supervisors at their Tuesday night meeting. “Residents will be supplied with 100-quart bins, and every sort of recyclable material can be thrown in.”

Burdett requested that supervisors advertise a public meeting to change the township ordinance that exclusively authorizes Lycoming County Resource Management to make single stream recycling pickups, so that private haulers already offering garbage service can start taking recycling.

“It should be another five or six dollars a week for the homeowner, and there will be a separate pickup day” for recycling, Burdett said. “All the material will be ending up in the same place.”

The county will still offer curbside pickup, though that will likely be “scaled back,” Burdett said, and the Boy Scout collection bins on Northway Road still will be open for people who want to make use of their recycling service.

The board decided to advertise for a public hearing on the issue on July 9 at 7:15 p.m., at the township building.

In other business, Burdett reported that the Sheridan Street bridge replacement project will start as early as this week, if not by June 24.

“We had the preconstruction meeting with the contractors yesterday, and we issued the notice to proceed today,” he said. “We’ll be paying about $40,000 for our local share the bills will be coming to us, and we’ll pay the bill then submit them to the state. Money will be coming in and out throughout this whole process.”

Public works director Randy Stover reported that the state Department of Transportation wants to move the traffic light at the corner of East Third Street and Westminster Drive to the other side of the latter road.

“They put up a new one right away after it was last hit,” Stover said. “I think it’s a good idea.”

“That pole has been hit numerous times by trucks coming around the corner,” Burdett said.